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Victory Journeys



Daphne & Gregg are dedicated to guiding and assisting those on a healing journey. They believe in the wisdom each God-Sovereign being and see their role as lamp-holding along each person's individual path.

Their Sacred Dream is to open a self-sustaining community of spiritual guides, health and wellness practitioners and experts on sustainable food and energy production that acts as a hub of learning, growth, and green living.

Daphne Moon uses the Sacred STAYS style of coaching, blending Conscious Language, Sacred Body Language Translations and a direct connection to Spirit to discover unconscious patterns and beliefs in herself and others to unlock joy, passion, abundance, power, pleasure and more!

She is an E-RYT with two 200 HR certifications in Hatha & Karma Yoga and has been teaching since 2012.  Her yoga journey began in 2006 following a car accident and she specializes in anatomy and alignment to allow folks with wide varieties of injury and chronic pain to practice safely.  Daphne has taught children as young as 18 months old, in gyms, studios, special events and at the Texas Women's University Institute of Health Sciences Stroke Center in Dallas. Her style is nurturing and precise to ensure that everyone, no matter their experience level, can feel empowered to practice.  

Gregg Skaines is a massage therapist and communication major specializing in healing modalities of touch, offering solo sessions and workshops. As a massage therapist, he specializes in deep tissue, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy to create profound physical healing and stress relief, with aspirations of becoming Reiki Master to further incorporate energy work into his practice. Merging his talent for therapeutic touch and interpersonal communication, he offers cuddle therapy and sacred intimacy sessions to teach others healthy physical intimacy, creating a safe space for survivors of physical and sexual abuse to overcome trauma by working with the powers of the divine masculine. His goal is to heal through the power of touch, and empower individuals to become comfortable with physical, emotional, and spiritual connection between themselves and others within their personal lives.

I’ve had this strange rash/burn? on my neck for about a month. It started about the time we began this journey. I’ve been to the dr multiple times with no definitive answers and tried multiple medications. The only thing that helped was aloe Vera. When we all got together last week for My Tribe Stays, it had really flared up and went almost all the way around my neck (like a rope burn). During play, I remembered being in an herbal room of some sort and having a rope placed around my neck, being drug outside and burned at the stake. After going through the memory with Daphne my neck stopped burning. Saturday morning most of it was gone. This works!!!!!

Charon, Moon Journey Group I

I began doing energy work with Daphne Moon when I was experiencing some major blockages. Her sessions have been incredibly transformative. She is nurturing, powerful and holds the space in a way that makes you feel so deeply cared for and nourished. She helped me break through these blockages and bring me back to a more grounded and empowered state. I am so grateful for her work and highly recommend it to anyone who needs deep healing.

Luna, Private Client

Working with Daphne has been a lovely and enlightening experience. She’s made me understand the root of some of my emotions and identify my patterns of behavior that have been causing energy blockages. It’s empowering to have such awareness of self. I feel like I have grown a lot in a short amount of time. I look forward to continuing the program and meeting the woman that I am gonna become by the end of the program.

Brie, Private Client

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